dental plans

Insurance is a safety net in case of the unforseen. Many buy
into life insurance policies, medical health insurance, car insurance and home
insurance policies. A lot of emphasis is placed on these types of insurance policies, while dental insurance is often neglected.ed on. However,if
you discover tomorrow that you have oral cancer or accidentally chipped your teeth, it will be no laughing matter if you do not have dental insurance. To help you make an informed decision, here are a few dental insurance plans that you can consider .

Pay-As-You Go

If you have a pay-as-you-go mobile plan, then you’ll
probably like the pay-as-you-go dental plan. This plan is a cheaper alternative
to paying for dental insurance. With this plan, surgeries decide the amount you
pay for treatments and check-ups and regulate attendance requirements. The
disadvantage with this plan, though, is that a one-off treatment can leave you
with a big bill.

Health Cash Plans

With this dental plan, you pay a premium in exchange for a cash sum treatment. Chances are likely though that the amount may not cover the bill, but at
least it is reduced to a manageable amount.

Capitation Plan

Currently, this plan is only offered by DPAS, Denplan and
Practice Plan. The plan is quite comprehensive and includes examination, fillings,
x-ray, hygienist, bridge, crowns, extraction and root canal.

Private Medical Insurance

Several private medical insurance entities offer dental
plans. This plan is quite similar to medical insurance as you have the ability
to reclaim the cost of any dental treatment. If you can afford to come up with
the funds to pay for a dental treatment, then this plan may be ideal for you.
Otherwise, you would be better-off selecting another plan such as the Capitation Plan.

Your dental health is equally important as your medical
health. So don’t take any chances. Consider getting one of the above dental
plans above to secure the health of your teeth and your peace of mind.